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Power Yoga Helps in stretching & strengthening your body and relaxing and calming the mind.

Power Yoga, (also called Power Flow), is a modern day name for a past-faced, active yoga class. It has its roots in Ashtanga yoga. Often Power Yoga incorporates many Salutations and Vinyasas. These can elevate the heart rate and generate heat in the body.

Over the past five years, Power Yoga has grown in popularity, especially as people are turning to yoga as a form of cardiovascular exercise as well. There is much controversy about the autenticity of Power Yoga as a form of yoga. However, when taught by a qualified and highly trained teacher, it can be very beneficial to the body. Baron Baptiste is credited as being one of the main founders of Power Yoga.

  Other Benefits are :

It helps to tone the entire body.

It improves one's ability to focus.

It's a great way to release tension & anxiety.

It helps a person maintain proper posture.

It helps create great personality.

It's a good way to remove bodily toxins through sweets.